Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday to my First Baby Girl!

It's hard to believe that my tiny, skinny, long-legged baby girl is now a tall and lovely 6 year old!  My oh my oh my!  I am choked up just thinking about how fast those years have gone!  Eleanor has been a surprising little girl.  She is sweet and quiet, but certainly not shy!  She is outspoken and funny!  She is smart and fast!  She loves to learn and homework is fun for her!  She is such a little mommy to her sisters.  She is loving, kind, and so very patient with them.  Her big brother is her best friend ♥ She still loves to snuggle with mommy.  She has an interesting fashion sense and she enjoys wearing dresses and pretty shoes and having her hair put up in braids or ponytails.
~Little Miss El-Bell you are a Treasure and I am Blessed to be your mom~

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