Sunday, November 04, 2012

Autumn Fun with Papa and Grandma!

Chris and the kids had Fall break at the same time, so we took a little trip to Missouri to visit Papa and Grandma.  While there we visited a pumpkin patch and it was a lot of fun!
 Lily and I really liked the little calf.  It was so warm and soft!
 Brad and Sue have a neighbor who has a dog named Jake.  Sean and Jake were buddies while we were there.
 One day we went outside to help Brad pick of sticks around the yard to make it easier for him to mow later.  Eleanor kept picking up huge sticks/branches!  It was quite funny!  Lily did really well for a while and then she got cold and tired and needed some mommy snuggles ♥
 Chris and I got to go to Kansas City on Sunday evening for a Celtic Thunder concert at the Midland!  The building was magnificent!  The show was a lot of fun too :)
Some guys in kilts heehee!  Taking pictures was "Strictly forbidden" but everyone had their cameras and phones out taking pictures anyway, so I figured it was OK if I took a couple.  I made sure my flash was off and I waited till the end of the show when everyone was clapping and standing...
 Cool bridge in Kansas City