Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Pictures

I have lots of pictures here to catch my blog up on.  First is Sean and Eleanor washing dishes for me!  Such sweet helpers ♥
 Here are some pictures from the day we took our family pictures and played at the park.  It was so nice to spend some much needed family time together :)

 This was from one day after school.  I sat outside with the kids while they played.  I don't do that as much as I should.  We used to play outside almost everyday it seems, but I feel like I have gotten so busy I don't even have time anymore.  I am constantly working to catch up and keep up with all the housework.  I really need to just make myself spend some more time outside more often.  This dishes and laundry will always be waiting...
 October 9-15 was Pregnancy Loss Awareness Week.  We lit some candles Monday evening in honor of the little ones who have passed on and then we prayed for the grieving families.  I think it was good for me.  I never thought of myself as the light-a-candle type, but it did feel healing in some way.  We sang some good ol Scriptures songs and Chloe wanted to pray to God too, so she asked Him to hug and kiss our baby for us.  I thought it was very sweet ♥
 As you can see I have changed my blog design again.  For more of our family pictures you can view them on facebook.


  1. That's nice that you took some time to light some candles in memory of those who have lost a baby and in memory of your own.
    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. I often feel the same, that I have way too much work to do to sit down and read a story or sit outside to watch them play! Somedays I keep plowing along, but some days I stop for a moment to just be with my kids, and I'm always glad I did. Definitely hard to find a balance!

  3. Sweet post, Liv.
    I pray that the desire to spend good time with your sweet blessings will be made reality!
    The family pic (banner) is great!
    The candle lighting was a beautiful memorial.
    Love you all!