Thursday, July 05, 2012


We had a 4th of July party at my parent's house yesterday evening/night.  We also included a little bday party for Sean since the family was all together.  I made him a round chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  Then I decorated it with Captain America holding a little flag.  I thought it was pretty cute!

 Uncle Steve came to the party and some of the girls walked him out to his truck when he was ready to go home.  Those kiddos just love their Great Uncle Steve ♥
I also made some hot fudge sauce for the homemade vanilla ice cream!  I didn't make the ice cream  I believe it was the combined efforts of my mom, dad, and sister.  It was delish!


  1. The cake was good! The sauce was golden. Grandma would have been proud.

  2. How fun! And all the food talk is making me hungry! :) Sounds delish.