Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Boy

Sean didn't want his picture taken.  I keep trying to get a good candid shot, but so far I haven't gotten a good one...
Anyway, Sean is growing up so fast.  I always say that I wish I could go back for just a day.  Back to when it was just him and me at home playing games and reading books and taking walks.  We had so much fun together!
I love that little boy of mine so much and some days I feel as though I have to remind him that he is still my little boy and he still needs his mommy to give him hugs and kisses.  He is getting so smart and independent!  Most mornings he makes his own breakfast and he will even get breakfast for his sisters when they wake up.  We buy frozen pancakes and waffles that can be heated up in the toaster, so it's not like it's too difficult, but it is so helpful for me when I am getting myself around in the morning and it makes him feel like he is so big to be able to do that all alone.
I feel like I miss out on his life now that he is in school, but I am so proud of him!  He is such a smart and friendly little boy!  He has made several new friends at school and when he brings his homework home I am always impressed at how much he knows!  Most of the time he doesn't even need my help!  He is a very sensitive soul though and he needs a lot of praise.  He tends to second guess himself and it makes him really upset if he makes a mistake.  He's a perfectionist.
Sean likes to be busy and he likes to call the shots.  He has a lot of imagination and he is getting really silly...sometimes annoyingly loud, but I guess it comes with the age...and maybe gender too.  His sisters think the world of him and we are really trying hard to teach him to be kind and loving to his sisters.  Sometimes I think he thinks of his sisters as his little servants...and they are just a little too willing at times to do anything he asks of them.  But he really is a sweet kid.  He also can be really helpful and he will help me clean and organize and tidy up the house.  He likes everything to be nice and neat and everything has to be in it's proper place.  He gets that from me.  I am realizing as I type this how many similarities I see between him and me.
Sean likes to be active.  He and his good friend from school like to wrestle together, but he can also sit and color pictures and draw for quite a while too!  He is always making signs and and cutting and pasting paper to make different things.  His voice however, is rarely quiet!  The crazy thing is that his mouth could be running a mile a minute and you think he isn't paying the least bit of attention to anything else around him, but he is!  We used to be able to spell certain words or use code around the kids if we were talking about things we didn't want then to know about, but now that doesn't work because Sean is learning to spell!
Changes really bother Sean.  He likes to have a plan and a routine and it kind of bothers him if things don't go according to plan.  I guess he's a bit like me in that way.
Sean and I can both get kind of hyper and giggly together.  We like to listen to music and dance.  The girls do too for sure, but Sean and I have the same sense of humor I think and so sometimes when we are both in a certain mood we can really get the giggles!  I love it when we can laugh together and be silly.  He can be so sweet and then he will say that he wants to cuddle with his mom.  He will say, "You are the best mom in the world" and I will say, "You are the best son in the world"!  It makes my heart so happy!
Sean is a smart kid and I think he has a lot of potential.  I am praying that God will get a hold of his little heart and lead him in the way He has prepared for him.  I am really excited to see what the future holds for all of my children.


  1. Oh that Sean boy! I love him!!!
    He's a "bundle of potentiality"!!
    I also pray that Sean would be a lad of God who grows into a man of God!

  2. Such a sweet relationship it is between mom & son! Loved reading about Sean, and since there wasn't a picture of him I already figured he hadn't wanted one taken. (Seems to be a stage kids go through at some point or another.) He is a talker! I remember that first time I came to visit, we were at your parents', and I was feeding Ada and he was chatting away with me. It was cute. :)

  3. Sean is a pretty cool dude!
    I love him.