Saturday, November 26, 2011

Family fun

Sean brought home a plain white paper tree to decorate over Thanksgiving break to take back to school for a classroom decoration.  Last year we decorated a stocking.  I mostly helped him with the decorating.  Chris brought home some supplies for us from the college and the girls helped us do some painting, but after the mess of that we kind of told them they just needed to watch.  Much easier after that!  Sean said his is going to be the best one there!  We really like how it turned out!  What do you think?  We added the star and the presents.  He really wanted to use some glitter, so we made the gifts under the tree sparkly.


  1. Pretty! I like the presents under the tree, nice touch. Hayley has had to do projects like this as well, first she had to decorate a white person cut out, then a turkey, and now she has a tree, but it is not a Christmas tree. (It just now struck me that that is kind of odd...) Oh man, she decorated it yesterday, and we had it on the table to dry--Ada grabbed the one moment the rest of us were out of the room and messed some of it up!!!! Oh my, Hayley was not happy, and boy did that Ada get in trouble. Sometimes it is stuff like that that makes us wonder what is going through her head. She has a hard time keeping her hands off of things!!! Jeremy and I were both thinking that we had to wall off the tree more from her than Seth, LOL. That girl keeps us on our toes for sure. And she's already messed with the ornaments a few times, sigh. We do so much love our redhead though. :) Do you find with your kids that there is one you have to watch more than the others? Trying to figure out if it is birth order or personality. We think both with Ada, but it's hard to weigh which has more impact.

  2. I would definitely say that Chloe and Ada are a LOT alike! I don't know if it's birth order or personality either... As much as Chloe keeps us on our toes though she also give us so many laughs! She's a fun girl :)

  3. Sean's tree is pride-worthy!