Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I am so behind on blogging I don't even remember what day exactly these pictures were taken.  It was somewhere in the last 2 weeks...  I took the girls to mom's for the day.  Grandad Dale came over for a short visit to see his precious girls.  They picked flowers and berries from mom's yard and garden.
 My dad works hard and he looks tired in this picture, but it was a lovely day!  I am sure he appreciates this weather when he is out in it most days.
 Mom wanted to make chocolate chip cookies with the girls.  They had a good time and the cookies were pretty tasty too.


  1. Your girls are good cook's helpers! Thanks for keeping up with the baking! Love ya, babe!

  2. ccc are a classic! What fun it is to bake with Grandma!