Monday, August 22, 2011

Almost a month!

I've been a very bad blogger lately!

Here are some pictures

Lily "walking" in her big girl shoes! No actual steps yet, but so close!

Sean's first day of 1st grade! Don't we look thrilled lol!

Lily got a free Huggies bodysuit with two snug and dry rewards codes
Also, she is 11 MONTHS OLD! Oh my goodness! Less than a month until she is one! How can that be?
That's the gist...


  1. Rats!!! I'd written a looong comment and it was deleted! Oh well! I'll condense!
    LOVE the pics! All those girls!! (Oh Sean!)
    Lily in those shoes!!! How darling! It's funny how she has taken to that red heart! She is thrilled with that heart! (I love how she crawls all over with
    it in her hand! So cute!!!) She is getting ready for take-off in the walk dept.!!
    Your neighbor girls seem sweet and pleasant to me!!! They love the little ones!
    The photos are fun and well done! Who took the ones w/ you in? What a busy (beautiful) Mama you are! Love you all!!!

    BTW- The word verification word is "cilicuto". I think I'll change the spelling to "SillyCuto" and that just about describes some kiddos I know!!! Silly Cutos!!!

  2. Sean is out numbered with all those little girls! Cute! Hope the first day of school went well for him. Lily is so cute in her shoes!