Saturday, July 23, 2011

The shirt

My sister and I have 7 kids between the two of us. Mostly girls. Therefore I have a lot of girl clothes, which is great because they will be used! Lily was wearing this little pastel striped shirt not too long ago and my mom said, "Oh, there's that shirt! All of the girls have worn it!". So I texted Tab and asked her if she had pictures of her girls wearing it, so she sent me a few.

Marcail (top left) didn't actually wear this shirt, but my sister found the same shirt in a bigger size at a thrift store! Naomi (top right) was the first of the baby girls to wear the shirt. Eleanor never wore it because she and Naomi are about the same age/size, but Chloe (bottom left) did wear it and now Lilyana (bottom right) wears it! It is a well loved and well worn little top. You can tell it's fading from lots of use!


  1. Fun post and fun memories.

  2. I believe that Raegan also wore that shirt for awhile? It looks familiar.... :)

  3. The traveling shirt! Love those babies! Love that striped shirt! Love you, Liv!