Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Happy 4th of July...a couple days late...

On the 3rd we bought a few small firecrackers and drove around that night to watch fireworks around town. There are people around here that put on quite a show! Chloe did not like the little firecrackers that we bought. They were too loud and I think too close for her liking. She didn't mind the little snap pops though and she seemed to like the big fireworks in the sky at night as long as they weren't too loud and she had someone to cuddle with. Lily didn't seem to mind them too much at all!

On the 4th we didn't do too much. I made ice cream, fudge sauce and chocolate chip cookie bars and mom and dad came over around 7 and brought strawberries and pie and we had dessert and visited until it was time for the big show! Lily was asleep by then, so the rest of us sat out on our deck where we could see the town's fireworks display! It was a nice time and by the way, the strawberries were delicious dipped in the fudge sauce. Just sayin.


  1. It was a "blast" to get together! The ice cream and fudge sauce were yummy! Thank you for all your work!
    Love ya!

  2. The kids look happy and celebratory!