Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sean's bday

I didn't get very many pictures of Sean on his birthday, but he's a busy boy so it's hard to get him to be still for a picture.

We took the kids to the water park this morning and they enjoyed that, but it was just a little too cool and windy for the water.

Uncle Steve and Kelly came to the park to see the kids for a while so we went over to the playground. Sean got some new "Cars 2" cars from Uncle Steve and Kelly so they raced them around the playground.
Chloe's pictures with my camera
Here are Sean's dinosaur cakes! Partysaurus and Sportasaurus :)


  1. Fun pictures.
    I especially like the one of Lily that Chloe took. It's the perfect perspective!

    Love that Sean birthday boy!

  2. Great pics! Great fun!
    Love ya!