Monday, June 27, 2011

Painting, reading, Summer joys.

I let the kids use water paints and paint a big cardboard box outside. They thoroughly enjoyed it, but once they started painting on each other I told them it was time to be done and go splash in the pool and sprinklers.

We have been doing lots of reading this Summer. For every 15 minutes read the kids get to put a small sticker on a sheet of paper. For every hour read they get to go to the library and put a big sticker on their paper and get a "shell". When they get 6 shells they get to choose a book or a tshirt. Today we finally got to 6 shells, so they each got a tshirt. We are going to continue reading and see if we can get them each a book. Sean is slightly ahead of the girls because he has been reading on his own and Chloe occasionally falls asleep during reading time, so she is slightly behind the other two. The sizes of tshirts that they had were either 3t or 6/8, so Eleanor's is a little big, but she'll be able to wear it for several years this way!

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  1. Fun prizes just for enjoying books! Reading has many rewards!