Monday, May 02, 2011

Some random pictures I meant to share but never got around to it till now... How's that for a title?

Some of these were taken with my phone and I used photoshop to make them better...

Lily sitting in the grass at the park at sunset

Sean loves Baby Lily and I think she like him too

This is how Lily sucks on her fingers now. Silly girl!
Chloe loves "Baby Ana" too. Lily seems a little on edge around Chloe, but probably because she's a little rough and noisy. She means well, but she forgets that Lily is a real baby!
Lastly we had a very short Spring storm one day a couple/three? weeks ago. We got some hail!


  1. Great photos!
    Wow! That hail is big!

  2. Love em! Your phone does come in handy!!