Saturday, May 28, 2011

Proud of my boy!

I got Sean's report card letter in the mail today. As a mom, I of course think my kids are the cutest and the smartest. Sean is smart and handsome. However, as his mom I do know that he can be a bit of a handful. He's a chatterer. He's a fidget-er. He's an arguer. He's a bargainer. He can be a whiner, a fit thrower, and a pouter at times. He wants to be in charge and he likes to loudly proclaim his opinion on anything and everything whether or not it's asked for. I have to admit that I was slightly concerned about how school was going to be for him. I worried about him getting in trouble in class or at recess. I am pleased to say that all my fears were relieved at our first parent-teacher conference last year. His teacher did have a few concerns about him, but nothing serious. At least nothing "academic". He did have a few minor behavioral issues that we promptly took care of at home and at the next conference his teacher gave him high praise and said that she could tell that we really work with him at home. I can only give that praise straight to God because I know that without Him I would surely fail as a parent.

Even on the worst days that little boy can still melt my heart. He makes me crazy sometimes and he makes me want to pull my hair out, but he is my boy! He is such a blessing. The day he was born was the happiest day of my life because I was finally a mom! He is sweet. He is silly. He is a jokester and a teaser. He loves to laugh. He loves to cuddle and hug (just not in public). He loves to help me and his sisters (usually). He's full of energy and loves to play. He loves to learn new things and be creative. He makes me laugh and he likes it when I'm happy. He's a sensitive soul like his mommy.

So, when I got the report card in the mail I was so proud to read that he got some really good comments and even scored slightly above average for his grade level in some areas. I showed him the letter and read some of it to him, so he knew how proud I am of him. He was all smiles!

Here are some of the comments...

"Sean has good ideas for writing, spells words using the sounds he hears in words..."

"Demonstrates appropriate classroom behavior (enthusiasm, effort, sportsmanship, and works well with others)."

"Sean has matured in so many way this school year. He shows confidence, consideration of others, truthfulness, and helpfulness. He will be an awesome first grader!"


  1. Praise God!
    Here is Grammy's very brief report card comment:
    Sean is perceptive, sensitive, enthusiastic and loving. He enjoys learning! As Sean learns to trust our Creator and God, may he grow into God's man one day! May the Lord give Sean and all those who love Him wisdom and grace!

  2. He is a super sweet boy and I love him!