Thursday, May 26, 2011

2nd day of Summer break

This morning after the kids played outside on their new swing set from Papa and Grandma we went to the library, then to the park to walk and feed the ducks. We again found the "Tulip" tree in all it's glory! The blossoms have a faint scent of vanilla.
Feeding the ducks is fun, though Chloe makes me a little nervous when she gets too close to the water and her little fingers get a little too close to the ducks beaks.


  1. I bet they've been enjoying that set! (and you too :) ) Cute video! I wish they let us feed the birds here, but alas, it is forbidden.

  2. Raegan loves feeding the ducks. And your swingset is awesome!!

  3. Chloe has no fear!
    Hooray for Summer!