Thursday, April 07, 2011


She is growing!!! I don't know if she's putting on much weight, but she is eating a little baby food. Maybe 2 jars a day... I've been holding off a few days though because she started spitting up really bad and she hasn't done that since she was 2 or 3 months old. I just don't think there is any reason to force food on a child especially if it upsets their tummy. She's pretty addicted to mommy still. As far as baby food goes she is not all that fond of cereal, but she likes pears, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, and peaches. I decided to start with yellow/orange foods first. Oh and prunes too! I'm not sure she really liked those though. She ate them, but every bite she had a kind of strange look on her face like she just wasn't sure. I will probably introduce green veggies next and then meats. My kids never care much for meat, so I have to mix it with sweet potatoes or apples or something and then they'll eat it. Personally I'm not a big meat eater either, so it's not a big deal to me, but I know they need the protein.

Anyway, she is all over the place now! She is basically crawling/lunging/propelling forward lol! She can spin a circle pretty quick too if she wants to follow me :)

One morning Chris went to get her out of her bed and she was sitting up looking at the door and has done that several times since and she will sit up from a laying position if she is on the floor playing! So it is safe to say that she can now sit herself up on her own! She's also really good at going from sitting to the crawling position without hurting herself. She just kind of flops over and gets up on her hands and knees!

She is getting good with her hands and is able to hold onto toys a little better and will switch hands and brings her toys to her mouth. She's still a two finger sucker. It's funny how she sucks on her fingers...I'll try to get a picture and post it. She turns her wrist funny and it looks like it wouldn't be comfortable, but that is how she likes it I guess...

Lily is a very serious baby. She smiles, but they are such quick smiles that they are hard to catch on camera. She LOVES Sean and Eleanor! I think Chloe scares her a little bit. She means well, but... She occasionally lets out a kind of "he he!" laughing sound, but she doesn't do that belly laugh yet like the other kids did at this age... I look forward to that a lot!

She is by far the most attached little mama's girl yet! I am trying to figure out how to "wean" her. I know she is just a baby still, but it's almost impossible to get things done if she is awake because she will cry if I put her down. Even if I am in the same room, or sitting right next to her even! I'm thinking maybe once she really masters the crawling she will be a little happier, but who knows...

I also think that she is teething. If she gets a tooth soon she would be my earliest teether! She's doing everything else early though, so I guess it wouldn't be too surprising. So once she gets some teeth I might see if she can feed herself those little Gerber Puffs snacks and maybe that would keep her happy for a short time so I could get things done while she's awake...

I would say this is my new favorite picture of her! I took it with my phone and then tweaked it a little with photoshop :)


  1. That girl is growing like a flower!

  2. I hope if it is teething she'll be happier after she gets them in! It is hard when they fuss and aren't happy except with Mom, 'cause we feel split about getting stuff done but also comforting baby... but thankfully we don't have to get everything done every day.