Tuesday, March 22, 2011

6 Months

Here is a picture from St. Patty's Day

Lily is wearing the outfit that my Grandad and Grandma got for her. They brought it to the hospital when they met Lilyana for the first time after she was born. I remember thinking that I was for sure going to take her picture in this outfit! This outfit is so soft and pink and I know my Grandma probably spent a good amount of time and thought as she chose an outfit to bring for Lily. So many times when I take pictures I have my Grandma in mind. I wish she was here to see these pictures of little Lily.

Lily no longer wants to lay down for a picture with her baby, so we will do sitting up and holding the baby pictures from now on :)

Lily has had a cough for about a week now. She's also had a low grade fever on and off. I wasn't too concerned, but I still felt maybe it would be best if I took her to see the Dr. just in case... Also I skipped her 5 month check up because I wanted to avoid picking up any sickness at the doctor's office, so she was due for a check up anyway. Well our Dr. listened to her lungs and said they sounded clear. She did not have a fever, so hopefully the cough is now on it's way out. It's just a "cold". Nothing they can do or give for it. Lily is a healthy baby (other than the cough) and she is right on target for all her 6 month milestones. She is making noises and keeping eye contact. She responds to my voice and to her name. She is rolling both ways and sitting up on her own now and she tries to crawl. She gets around pretty good when she's on her tummy! She reaches for toys and does really well with her hands when she is holding her toys. She has a Soothie pacifier that she uses as a teether and she definitely recognizes it and will reach for it and try to crawl to get it if she drops it or if it is out of her reach.

So the only concern that the Dr. had was that she is so small. She has gained just a little over 1 pound since her last visit at 3 months and she has gained 1 1/2 inches in height. She is now 12 pounds and 25 inches. She dropped from the 10th-15th percentile in weight and height down the the 5th percentile in both weight and height. She's always been small, but she doesn't seem to be gaining weight well or as quickly as she should. However, she has doubled her birth weight and babies are supposed to double their birth weight by 6 months, so in that aspect she is just fine. Anyway, he did prescribe her some liquid multivitamins and told me to go ahead and start her on cereal and other foods. Of course I am still giving her mommy's milk first and foremost, but we will start to do a little supplementing. I'm going to just start doing one extra feeding a day and slowly work up to 2 and then 3. I don't want to do too much too soon. It can't hurt to try to get some more calories in her and fatten her up a bit though :)

I bought her a mesh feeder that I can put whole foods in and then she can suck the juices from them without the risk of choking. So far she has had peaches and pears in that and she really enjoyed it! I think she liked having it in her hands and doing it herself. I am going to try green beans and carrots in it eventually too.

I also went ahead and gave her some rice cereal. At first she was not pleased, but after she gave it another try she really liked it and didn't seem to have too much of a tongue thrust issue. She actually kept most of it in her mouth and she took several bites before she started acting like she was bored with it or too full, so I stopped. I don't want to force anything on her. I want feeding time to be a pleasant experience and I don't want to overfeed and give her a tummy ache.

She really wanted to feed herself with that spoon! But I didn't let her because I always worry about my kids choking/gagging if they put their spoons to deep in their throat. I'm a worrier like that.
When all was said and done she was not very messy at all and she gave me a really BIG burp lol! Now for the stinky diapers to start... Ha!


  1. Glad she's doing well! I remember reading once that growth charts are based on formula fed babies. They are not accurate for BF babies. She's a healthy little girl:)

  2. I remember seeing those mesh feeder things and being almost giddy-excited about it..only to find that none of my kids liked or used it. Ever. It's still a genius idea, though!

  3. Lily is a sweet and petite baby who seems to be growing like a weed! Maybe the Doc is used to seeing chubby babies! Your babies don't get as extra-chubby as some I've seen (like Tab and Marcail for instance,) but they are not skinny either! When you were a baby, you plumped out, but I could always find your neck!;)
    What a blessed sugarplum baby you were and Lilyana is!!! I'm so glad Lily is enjoying her food! xoxoxxoxo

  4. I think she's adorable and looks to be very happy and healthy. I wouldn't be concerned either as she has reached and even passed some of her milestones earlier than expected. I do think adding some fruit and veggies at this age is a nice idea and she seems to like it. I have never seen those mesh bags, I am going to have to look for them. Your raising a beautiful little family and are very blessed <3

  5. She's getting so big! I cannot believe it.