Saturday, February 19, 2011


Lily likes to suck on her two middle fingers. It doesn't matter which hand. Sometimes she will still suck her thumb, but usually it's her two middle fingers. I always joke that she is signing "I love you" to me.

Chris got me flowers, a huge balloon, and chocolates for Valentine's day

I have not yet gotten any pictures of Sean in his snazzy outfit. I went out and bought him an outfit especially for my Grandma's funeral. He didn't have anything that was dressy enough or appropriate for a funeral and I wanted him to look nice for Great Grandma Bubbles. She would have loved his outfit! Anyway, I will get pictures eventually. For now here are the girlies.


  1. I love the pictures of the girls! They are so adorable in their cute outfits! On the finger sucking thing, there is a family at our church who had three of their four kids do that. Must be a gene for it or something, just like thumb sucking.

  2. Your girlies are just too gorgeous! Lovin' those pink skirts, too!