Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The baby love

I used to make fun of those "babywearing" mama's, but I have to say that I have become one of them! There are days that I will get NOTHING done if this Lily baby is not attached to me in one way, shape or form. I have four different sling/wrap/carrier types. My favorite is the moby, but the "peanut shell" is also handy, just not as many position options. While wearing my baby I am able to do laundry and dishes and even make lunch and she can get a nap! I've also been able to vacuum while baby wearing.

Here are some pictures of her asleep on my lap directly after a feeding. See how happy she is on my lap? It's her favorite place to be!

Eleanor took this picture today. We were in the backyard and I was feeding Lily. Can't even tell can ya?


  1. Baby wearing is just the thing sometimes!!!

  2. If you wanna get stuff done sometimes it's gotta be that way!
    Lily is so cute!