Saturday, October 02, 2010

Scottish Festival

Last Sunday we went to the Scottish festival here in town. We had free tickets from Sean's school, so that was really nice because otherwise it would have been too expensive and not worth it for our family. Anyway, there was a Parade of Dogs and the kids thought this big guy was pretty cool!

Scottish highland Cattle

Our friend Ryan is a firefighter and he let the kids sit in the front seat of the firetruck!

Eleanor is normally scared of the bagpipes, but she did really well. We told her they are loud, but not scary, so she just covered her ears and cuddled with daddy. Usually she cries...

I carried Lily in the moby that day and it worked out pretty well. We stopped and listened to a man named Alex Beaton sing some songs for a bit while I nursed Lily. The kids did pretty good sitting there, but they were a little antsy, so they danced around a little bit. In between songs Alex asked the people back at the sound booth to give the kids a children's CD called Kiddin Around and then he sang a couple songs from the CD! The kids thought that was pretty neat!

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