Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grandad and the GG's

My Grandad Dale is always saying that he has the most gorgeous and gifted Great Grandchildren. He even goes so far as to say that they are little geniuses and masterpieces! One day while Sean was at school, the girls and I went to mom's and we decided we better call grandad and let him know we were there so he could see the kids. I jokingly said that the GG's (Genius Granddaughters) were there. Mom and I both got quite a chuckle out of it :-) Eleanor loves her Great Grandad Dale and went running into his arms when he got there!
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  1. So sweet. It's precious that you are close to both your parents and grandparents.

    I also find the use of GGs interesting. My dad's parents' great grandchildren (my kids and my brothers kids) called them GG'pa (gee gee pa) and GG'ma, or together "the GG's"