Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Chloe used this bouncy seat a lot as a new baby! I'd given it to a friend to use when her baby girl was born. Her baby will soon be a year old, so she gave the seat back to me for Lily! These are all Chloe pictures... My how she's grown!

Here is Lily chillin in the seat. I see some glimpses of Chloe in her, but mostly she just looks like Lilyana :-) Most people say she looks like Sean or me, but honestly I think she looks a lot like Eleanor, only Eleanor had/has a much rounder face and bigger eyes!

It's actually been quite cool here lately and very windy! Fall Fury as they say... So when we walked to Sean's school yesterday I made sure the kids were bundled up. Here is Lily sporting her purple hooded jacket :-)


  1. I just love baby pictures! Isn't it amazing how each child has their own unique look from birth?

  2. You know I'm always trying to peg her looks and I end up pegging her as looking just like Lilyana herself! She is a beautiful "mix"!