Sunday, October 03, 2010

A day at Grammy's

It's been a while since the kids and I spent a day with Grammy! So when mom asked if we wanted to come over on Tuesday we sure did! It was Lily's first time at Grammy's house! Sean was in school that day of course, so I left the girls at mom's when it was time to pick him up since they were napping, and then we came back after I picked him up. It was a very pleasant day!

Eleanor had fun twirling in her new dress from Grammy! She also enjoyed picking up crap apples and peaches that had fallen from the trees and putting them in her pitcher.

I bet you can guess what Christine enjoyed doing ;-)

Chloe had a blast riding on Grammy's lap around the garden!

I tried out the Hoveround takes some practice... :-)

The ornamental peach tree


  1. Ah, what sweet times at Grammy's!! Congratulations on your smallest little punkin'!! She's adorable!!

  2. Great pics Liv! We must fit in MORE days like that before the weather turns!!!

  3. I love that b/w pic with the colored peaches! Nice!