Saturday, October 23, 2010

1 Year Ago...

Tomorrow it will be exactly one year ago that I took my sweet baby Chloe to the Emergency Room for...well I didn't know what for at the time! I remember trying to prepare myself for the worst though... She'd been sick for such a long time, the whole family had been dealing with cold and flu symptoms and we thought she just had the same thing, only she wasn't getting better. She wasn't eating very much and when she did she would throw it back up and she was very lethargic and breathing very fast and heavy. After some tests, drawing blood, putting in an IV, and finally taking a urine sample they found that she had a severe kidney infection and that it had spread to her blood. She was a very sick little girl! She was admitted to the hospital and put on IV antibiotics for four days before she showed enough improvement to come home with oral antibiotics! Today I am Praising the Lord for a healthy and happy little girl. He is the Great Physician!

Sick Chloe in the hospital last October at ten months old

Happy and Healthy Chloe this October at twenty-two months old!
Mommy loves you Sweet Pumpkin!


  1. I remember that. Glad she's doing better now!

  2. So happy with you! That was a scary time.

  3. I remember too! And it's already been a year ago, wow. SO glad that she is ok!!

  4. She was such a sweet sick baby then.
    I'm thankful she is now a sweet well baby!