Sunday, September 05, 2010

Nail painting

It's been quite a while ago, but I got some fingernail polish specifically for me to paint Eleanor's nails, but hadn't actually used it till the other day! She's been begging for it since her Grandma and Grammy have painted her nails in the past... It's hard to find time without Chloe especially, but it worked out that she was still napping when we did it the other day.

After nail painting I was inspired to do some more belly pictures. Here is 38ish weeks!

Could not resist some belly button fun! It reminds me of something...


  1. I'm excited for when Raegan gets older to paint nails with her! Also, love your skirt!

  2. Love your skirt too! And Hayley would probably like it if I painted her nails more too. :)