Thursday, August 05, 2010

Monday and Tuesday - Getting ready for our trip

Do you see some Sean feet?

Peek-a-boo! This is one of the kids favorite things to do. They make a little tent in the living room with pillows and blankets. The hardest part is keeping Chloe from destroying it ;-) They did this on Monday and Tuesday while Chris and I cleaned, did laundry, and packed for our trip.

Tuesday we went to the library to turn in the kids Summer Reading Program game sheets. They were ready for more stickers and "shell money" so they could get a prize! They had already gotten a grab bag prize with their three shells, but they now had six shells, so they could get either a book or a t-shirt. They decided to get a t-shirt. Sean's is a little big, but that is OK! His says Make a Splash Read! Eleanor's is from last year, but it was the only one in her size. It says Catch the Reading Bug :-)

These are their full game sheets. The way it works is for every fifteen minutes that we read to them, (and we do make sure they pay attention and sit still and listen) they get to put a small sticker along the track, then for each hour that we read they go to the library and get a big sticker and a paper shell. With three shells they get a grab bag prize, (not very exciting we found out) but with six shells they can get either a book or a shirt. We went ahead and got another game sheet and more stickers to see if we can make it to six more shells so they can get a book. We have till 8 PM on the 16th!

I made some homemade chocolate chip cookies for our trip. They turned out really well I must say and it's been quite a while since I made cookies from scratch!


  1. Fun Game!
    I want one of those cookies.

  2. Fun!
    You must keep up your cookie making skills!!!