Monday, August 09, 2010

garden of the gods

Saturday after the zoo experience (see below post) we drove through garden of the gods. Being Summer and heavy tourist season we didn't park or get out to walk, but it was still very pretty and neat to see. Sean liked the "kissing camels". See if you can spot them...

Apparently they do guided tours on these little scooter thingys. Not really sure what they are called, but it looks like it would take some balance!

How cool would it be to cruise around in this Hummer? Haha!


  1. I saw the camels kissing! G.o.g. is funky!

  2. I saw the camels too! Cool pics! I've always wanted to go there. And those are segways, they do those type tours up in SF too. And actually in the mall that I go to the most, those are what the mall cops ride around on in the mall, it's kind of funny.