Monday, August 09, 2010

Coming home

The kids LOVED swimming in the hotel pool, so we did that one last time Saturday evening since we planned on getting up and driving back early Sunday morning. Eleanor even got to the point that she would go under water and jump in to daddy. Sean jumped once, but got water in his face, so he decided that was enough for him.
Here is a video I took Sunday morning right before we left the hotel. The kids enjoyed riding the elevator and we let them take turns pushing the buttons. Chloe's job was opening the doors... Watch the video to see what I mean. She was pretty proud of herself!

Sunday morning we were up and on the road by 8:30! We stopped at a gas station in Limon to use the bathroom. When Chris and I went to Colorado Springs in December of '06 we stopped at this same gas station and had picked up a really cute moose stuffed animal toy for Sean. It had on a little yellow vest that said Colorado. I remembered thinking it was a nice little gas station/souvenir shop and was hoping to find a little something for Lily there.
I did find this little purple shirt in 6 month size! I know it's silly, but technically it was her first family vacation!
My friend Ruth recently blogged about stopping at this Diner in Flagler. I thought it looked pretty cute and sounded yummy, so we also stopped there on our way back home.

Look at my delicious chocolate shake!!! Don't ask me why Sean is making a face. Eating out with our children is a special kind of torture.

Hello my beautiful Kansas sky!!!


  1. Sounds like, in all, you guys had a decent family vacation. You know they never go according to "plan"! Glad you got some fun, family times in!

  2. I've enjoyed reading about your trip! Looks like fun! I'm determined to go out west sometime (soon!) with the kids. The furthest west we have been is Indiana and that's only a 10 minute drive from our home :)

  3. Cool!!!
    You crack me up, Liv!!!
    "Eating out with our children is a special kind of torture."
    (I do hope you enjoyed that chlocate shake in spite of the torture!)

    Kansas skies are welcoming!!~

  4. Oooh - that shake looks good! Hope you enjoyed the diner.
    I love the video of Chloe opening the door. We, too, need to get so excited about our accomplishments, don't you think?

  5. The shake was yummy! :-) All in all the kids did pretty well at the diner and I thought my cheeseburger and fries were pretty tasty.

  6. That shake looks AWESOME!!!