Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My husband is good to me!

I don't think I've ever blogged about this, but my camera has a problem. It got dropped. I don't remember all the details, only that I was VERY upset about it! Anyway, the battery door gaps open now as you can see in the picture, so the batteries don't make a strong connection and they go dead very quickly and it is so annoying because it takes the camera so long to respond some days, or I will put new batteries in and then the low battery light will blink even though I know the batteries are good!

Well, when we were on our way back home from being in Wichita the other day for the sonogram, Chris said maybe we should stop at Best Buy and look at cameras to get an idea. So I was looking at cameras, but not really getting too excited since I figured it'd be awhile before I could get a new one anyway. Chris and Sean walked around to give me some time to think and look undisturbed and when they came back and Chris asked if I found anything I liked, I just said I wasn't really sure and we could go if he was ready. He then proceeds to tell me that he is ready to buy one that very day if I found one I liked, so then I said Oh! I got the help of a nice Geek Squad kid (He was younger than me! I can officially call him a kid) and he pointed me in the direction of this...
It is another Canon and I love it! I told him I was wanting better zoom and I wanted something that didn't eat batteries. I also told him I was wanting something with a decent video option. This one has 14x optical zoom, so that's 10x more than my old one! It also has one large rechargeable battery (I'll need to get a second one for when I am charging the other...), it has an HD video recorder built in, and it also has twice as many mega-pixels as my old one! It is smaller and more compact, but it is also heavier and seems like it will last a LOT longer! So we got the 2 year plan to go with it so if anything happens and it needs repair I can bring it to them and they will fix it for free, or if they cannot fix it they will give me a new camera for free! So cool! Lets just hope nothing happens 1 day after the 2 year plan. I also got a new memory card that is supposed to be higher performing and a camera bag. I got 10% off and ended up getting the bag for free!

So here are some pictures from that day in Wichita. The first two are with my phone, so that is why they aren't the greatest quality. Sean chose to eat pizza at the Mall that day. He ate well too.

The rest are all pictures taken on the way home with my new camera! This is a picture of one of the sonogram pictures. Pretty nice how it turned out and in a moving vehicle too!

The clouds and blue sky were so pretty that day. Especially after all the gray clouds and rain we've been having.

Sean enjoyed being the only kid in the backseat and having the DVD player all to himself!

Mom enjoyed trying out my new camera when we got back to her house to pick up the girls. Here are several of Eleanor in Grammy's wheelchair.

Then Eleanor wanted me to take a picture of her and she got right in front of the camera!
I must say that I NEVER buy things like this on a whim. Usually I will study and research and read reviews and shop online before I purchase items like this, but it just worked out, so I am hopeful that this camera will be all I want it to be.


  1. How sweet of Chris to surprise you! It takes wonderful pictures!

  2. I like the camera and the photos!