Monday, July 26, 2010

"Daddy, hat!"

Chloe loves her daddy and she loves to wear his hat. It's pretty cute and funny! She can say, "Daddy, hat!" really well too.

We took a walk at the park this morning and let the kids play on the playground. The cloud coverage was nice, but gracious is was so humid and still, so it seemed hard to breathe. I am getting so impressed with the kids climbing skills! All three of them have blossomed this Summer! Sean has learned how to slide down the fire pole recently and that was something he was always a little bit scared to try. Eleanor loves to climb pretty much anything she can at the park! Chloe surprised me by heading straight to the big "curly" slide and going down it all by herself! Before she always wanted someone to go with her. I didn't get any pictures of the actual playground and slides, but maybe I'll remember to do that next time...

I just love these huge flowers! I believe these are Hibiscus?

Anyone happen to know what kind of tree this is? I want one! I love the purple leaves!


  1. I don't know what kinda tree that is either. We had one of those at our rental on 2nd. It was huge!
    How great that the kids are doing so much better!

  2. Good idea to note how much the kids are growing! Too fast for my liking! Cute silly Chloe! She has quite a nice vocabulary! (I need an interpreter sometimes!)
    I can't see the leaves of the tree too well, but it may be an ornamental plum. If it has maple shaped leaves it would be like Tab's on 2nd. That one was a maple of a kind that stays purply red.
    Anyway the tree is a beauty!

  3. I am pretty sure it is not a maple the leaves are more of a rounded oval typed shape, not maple.

    Perhaps it is a plum!