Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cozy Cuddler

When I first found out I was having another little girl I went out and bought a few girly things. However, my friend Shannon gave me back the clothes I'd given her to use for her baby girl now that she's grown out of them, so I realized I didn't need some of the stuff I'd bought. Therefore I took back a pack of newborn sleepers and exchanged for this Cozy Cuddler. Thank goodness I kept everything in the packages and with the receipts just in case!

The Cozy Cuddler is a 3-in-1 car seat/stroller blanket and sleeping bag and it is also reversible. I like it because it has openings for the car seat straps and it has zippers on both sides and at the bottom that allow for baby's growth.

Here is a picture of Eleanor's baby doll in the car seat

Here is Chloe using it as a sleeping bag!
Obviously I don't have pictures of it on the stroller since it's hot out and I didn't want to bother bringing it inside... But I am really excited that it can be used in the stroller too. I always wished I'd had a stroller blanket for my babies before when I would take walks on cool, crisp Autumn days, well and mild Winter days and some early Spring days... Now I will know that Lily will keep the blanket on and stay warm if we go for walks on cool days.


  1. I had one of those for Raegan last year and we really liked it.

  2. Awesome! It will be so nice when it's freezing cold.