Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We had Sean's party this evening. It was nice and laid back. Here are some pictures!

Handy Manny Birthday balloon!

Birthday decor. Chris made the balloon rocking horse and parrot!

Birthday boy with his balloon dog

We had an animal themed party, so I tried to make the snacks reflect that. Therefore the peanuts for the elephants...I mean humans haha!

This really frustrates me that some of these pictures upload sideways. I even edited it before I posted it grrr! Anyway, a bucket of worms.

Animal crackers and Zebra cakes

Circus peanuts

Animal plates and bowls

I made a dirt cake this year! It was so yummy, but also very rich and sweet! I thought it turned out pretty cute. I used a sand castle bucket and a cat food scoop to serve it.

Chloe saw that I had my camera out and wanted her picture taken!

Sean got this airplane and he and Eleanor took turns flying it outside

Sean got to buy this big dragon with some of the birthday money from Papa and Grandma!


  1. I'm glad it was nice and laid back!
    The dirt cake was a very cute idea!!

  2. Totally awesome ideas for treats and theme!!! I like the dragon!!!!!

  3. I like your animal-themed snacks! Seeing those zebra cakes set on a zebra cake craving for me, it's been forever since I had one! Looks like a fun birthday!

  4. Cake looks delicious! It looks like a great birthday party!