Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kids Summer Photo Shoot!

We happened to find the girls "matching" outfits at Sears the other day and they were on sale, like 50% or 70% off! So today I thought it could be fun to try to get sibling pictures at the park since Sean had this cute outfit already that matched with the girls. We did the best we could! At least It think this is as good as it's going to get for their ages. They turned out pretty good really, just wish they'd all look at the same time. I have been saying this since Eleanor was a baby, but hopefully soon we can do professional pictures as a family somewhere after Lily is born. Anyway, it was a gorgeous day outside for picture taking!


  1. Wow, those turned out really well!!!!!!

  2. Those are great! I can't choose a favorite. They are all fantastic! I LOVE the way Eleanor has her hands. Cute!

  3. They are all looking in the first one. I think the second is my favorite, because I LOVE the look on Chloe's face. :)