Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We went to the zoo on Monday. It was a pretty nice day. A little warm and windy, but not as hot as it was last Summer when we went. We packed a lunch and drinks so we saved a little money that way. We took our time walking around and stopped to sit a few times also so we didn't get too worn out.

This first collage should be pretty self explanatory. Click it to enlarge if needed. I love the bright colors of the exotic birds!

Sean really liked the giraffes and the otters. The otters are so cute and provided some entertainment for us while we took a rest in the shade.

Here you can see several different animals. There is a mama duck on her nest of eggs. Sean really wanted to see the rhinos at the zoo, but he decided his favorite animal was the zebra! He also really enjoyed all the snakes, but I didn't get any pictures of those. The last picture in this collage is a self-timed family picture of us in the "Rain Forest"!
When we were on our way out from the zoo we decided to get each child one small toy from the gift shop. Last year when we were there they were whiny and very naughty! They weren't happy or thankful for anything in the gift shop so we left without anything for them. I know part of it was that they were hot and tired, but it was so frustrating! So this year we talked to them before we went to the gift shop and told them that we would choose something for each of them and they would not get to touch anything. We told them if they complained or were unthankful they would not get anything. Sean did really well and we found him a cute little finger puppet zebra, Chloe got a baby elephant and she was happy to snuggle with it and eat the tag haha! Eleanor was the wild card. We kept finding things that we thought she would like and she would say no she wanted something pink. Oh my! I finally found an adorable pink pig in the clearance section for 50% off! She was happy and we were ready to get out of there!
After the zoo we let the kids play in the sprinklers for a while.


  1. Great photos! I especially LOVE the family one! Wow! That turned out great!

  2. Wichita zoo?

    I love the look on Chloe's face in that last picture in her swimsuit. She is just too cute!

  3. Fun! I want to take kids to the Miami zoo but its summer now and it would be miserable...not to mention expensive!!! maybe this winter.