Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pics of the kids...random stuff...

Chloe busted up her little face a while back. She was running through Grammy's garden, but when she got back to the sidewalk she tripped on the concrete and fell :-( Poor baby! She did really well though. I picked her up, gave her paci and Wraggles (puppy), cuddled for MAYBE 5 seconds and she was ready to get back down and play! What a silly girl.

Last Friday was the All School's Day/May Day Parade in our town. I got very few pictures because most of the time I was holding a child on my lap, but I did manage to get this one of the kids before the parade started.

Eleanor was so proud of herself when she learned out to put her fingers together like this! LOL!


  1. Cuties! Glad you all enjoyed the parade!

  2. Chloe was brave.
    The parade was fun for them I'm sure.
    Cute Ellie w/ her fingers!

  3. That cracks me up about Eleanor, and sound oh too familiar. The kids at my school are always like, "Look what I can do!" then do something crazy with their fingers or arms or some kind of pose. lol