Thursday, May 06, 2010


I was able to join Sean's school on a field trip to Hedrick Exotic Animal Farm

Our guide Jonnie showing us a male ostrich

Here is a female. She is a lighter brown.

Baby zebra

Male kangaroo. He was very friendly and wanted to be fed carrot sticks and apple slices. Very soft too.

Here is a mama kangaroo with a Joey in her pouch.

Sean fed the kangaroo an apple slice!

The school group was divided into two tour groups. Here is a group picture of our half of the group...most of us anyway...

In case you couldn't tell, Sean really liked the kangaroos!

I thought the kangaroo's feet/paws were cute and so big!

Giraffes, and these are "babies"! Wow!
Feeding the goats

I forgot what this little guy is, but you can see a baby alpaca in the background also. They are both cute.

Baby zebu


An adult of the baby one that I forgot the name of...

Scottish highland cow

Adult zebu


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  1. Great pics of some cute animals! Sean liked the kangaroo!
    Me too!
    What a nice Kansas site!