Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bring on the heat!

OK so I'm really not a huge fan of Summer heat, but we did get a pool and the kids really wanted to try it out! I added four pots of boiling water to it to try to warm up the water and we took a little stroll around the block to try to warm up in the sun, but it just isn't hot enough yet to really appreciate the coolness of the pool. We got in for several minutes, but were more than ready to get out and put warmer clothes back on! I know we will have a lot more hot days to come and the pool will provide a much needed relief from the sun and probably to my very swollen pregnancy feet and toes, so I am glad that we have it and look forward to getting some good use out of it.

Pictures of the kids on our walk around the block...

I had to repeat many times, "Eleanor walk with her, don't pull her along. She's smaller than you so you have to take smaller steps." Chloe is a good sport though. Even after she fell down! I carried her after that.

First "swim" of the season...

Eleanor was a trooper and stayed in the longest! Chloe didn't stay in long, but she was content to walk around the pool and stick her hands in from time to time. Sean on the other hand was having a great time until he got out of the pool for one reason or another and in the process of getting back in he stepped on a stick or something and hurt his toe. I looked at his foot and could not see a thing! However Mr. Dramatic was convinced that a bee stung him or that there was something sticking inside of his foot and would not get back in the water. So he got dressed and sat on the deck and watched us until it was time to go in. Surprise surprise he forgot all about his toe once we were inside and playing with toys! He didn't mention it again.


  1. Oh that Sean!!
    The pool looks fun!

  2. You will be so happy for that pool once it gets hot! Sean might too! :-)