Saturday, April 10, 2010

Coronado Heights Cookout

We had a cookout at Coronado Heights on Friday evening. It was pretty windy, so for fire safety we had out cookout in the sandstone "castle". It was actually really nice and maybe even easier to do it there rather than out in the open like normal.

A view from the top of the "castle"

Some of the sandstone cookout/picnic areas with fireplaces and tables

The sandstone bathrooms. Yuck, that's all I'll say.

Another sandstone picnic area

Kansas hills

The sandstone "Castle"

I used my stroller to hall all my stuff. Worked out pretty good! Later when all the stuff was out I put Chloe in there and that worked even better!

The fire!

Tab and her fire stokin stick

Eleanor and Naomi watching Grandad roast the hot dogs

Chloe enjoying an appetizer of slices apples

The cousins chowin down on yummy smores!

Gorgeous sunset!
Eleanor was getting sleepy and she didn't care too much for the wind. She loves to cuddle with her Grandad.

Me, Tab, and Mom


  1. It was fun! I used two memory cards and the one with the most pictures will NOT be read. Grrrr. I have a feeling it got stepped on... probably by me.
    I'm keeping my eyes out for a more suitable camera bag.
    I'm glad you got such nice photos!

  2. Great pictures! I love that place, it's so beautiful (if windy). Looks like you all had a grand time!