Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Patty's Day

I am NOT on the ball! I did not take pictures of the kids yesterday. Partly because they were not cooperative, but also I just did not find the time or the energy to line them up and act like a moron to try to get them to smile. Make sense? So the Leprechauns that we tried to grow did not get very big at all and also they were slimy when they came out of the water and most of the color came off of them. It was kind of weird and grossed me out! I did rinse them off and gave them to the kids to play with anyway. They have had fun with them regardless. I did manage to get one picture of Chloe. She fell asleep on the chair, so I snapped this before I moved her to her own bed. I believe she took a 4 hour nap!


  1. Acting like a moron doesn't even do it sometimes does it?!!
    Yeah. Those growing stupid things are usually duddy.
    But Chloe is a sweet sleepy cutie!!
    Love ya!

  2. I was feeling not on the ball on St. Patty's Day but I did manage to get some photos.
    Sweet chloe is getting her rest!

  3. Her and Ada must have been on the same napping boat, as Ada took a three hour nap--it was nice! I haven't tried those water growing things before, so now I know. Hey, you are preggo, and if you don't feel up to something, that is fine!!! You are growing a baby! :)