Friday, February 19, 2010

O that Chloe

Chloe is 14 months old today. She has been a great joy in our lives. She is silly and sweet and loves to play with her brother and sister. Today I think she was trying to say brother, but it came out more like bubba. Sean was so excited that she was trying to say "his name". She has also been saying mama more often which makes me happy! She still says dada for most everything else, but she is working on increasing her vocabulary. She can say thank you, peekaboo, there you go, and there may be more that I just can't think of, but she says those things in her own little way. It's cute! I definitely need to work on the word no with her. She is kind of sneaky and will get into things even though she knows better. She will look at me and shake her head. I also need to work on come here. She thinks it's funny to run away! I do not, especially if I'm in the middle of trying to change her diaper. The little stinker!

One of Chloe's favorite things to do if I am in the kitchen cooking or cleaning, is to get into the cabinet where we keep the plastic food storage containers. She usually helps me put it all back when she is done.

Another of Chloe's favorite things is to pull down Sean and Ellie's little plastic shopping carts and sit on it. I took this picture right before I put her to bed tonight. Cracks me up!


  1. Crazy time! Where does it go so quickly!? Chloe is a love-bug, no question. What a little love!

  2. When the kids saw her pictures they said it was Eleanor. I said no, it's Eleanor's sister. They then said Oh! It's Chloe. She got bigger!

    She is such cutey.

  3. They grow too fast! This is a fun age, although it does take some work. Ada is in the same stage with "no" and the like, and man, she can throw some violent fits when she is not getting her way! Don't know if that's different personality or because she's the second kid, maybe some of both, but definitely different than H. And ya, what is it with kids and thinking it's so funny to run away? :) They love being chased at this age, for sure.