Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chloe pics from the last week

Chloe likes to climb into her toy box after Sean and Eleanor dump all the toys out!

She also likes to sit on top of the cars in the cars box. This only works on the mornings when Sean is at preschool, otherwise he would pitch a fit, but Ellie thinks it's funny!

She got tired the other day, so she took Eleanor's baby doll pillow and put it on top of her Raggles puppy! Cracks me up that she did it all on her own!

Chloe wants to join the action when Sean and daddy play "rough", so daddy gets to be silly with Chloe too!


  1. What a baby love!
    Eleanor and Chloe are becoming best buddies!

  2. Wow! Is she cute or what? How nice that the sisters are getting along.