Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sailing in a sea of lovely leaves!

OK, well I guess the title is a bit deceiving, but I thought it had a nice ring to it. Chris is gone this weekend, so the kids and I spent the day at mom's yesterday. We always have a good time there and I hope Grammy and Grandad enjoy the kids as much as we enjoy being with there! Today they woke me up around 6. Not completely unusual, but still early!!! Thankfully CocoBear was still asleep, so I set up the kid's tent, gave then dry cereal and juice, put on a movie, and got to take a shower in peace:) Then, once Chloe was up and everyone was fed and dressed, we headed out to Walmart to get a few items to get us through the weekend. It went surprisingly smooth with all of us! One of the items I bought was this box of diapers for the baby. As soon as I was done emptying it, Eleanor claimed it! She had so much fun pretending. For this picture it was a boat!

After we unloaded our stuff from WallyWorld, I made the kids go potty, got us some drinks, and we went to the park to walk. It was colder than I realized, but they were bundled and I had an extra blanket for Chloe. On our walk we found some pretty leaves! Eleanor called them flowers:) I'd planned on letting them play on the playground before heading back home, but it started sprinkling just as we got back to our car! It didn't end up raining though, so after their naps we may go out again if it's not too chilly.

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