Friday, October 09, 2009

Water shoot and martians

DG (Dollar General) was having a Summer clearance sale and Sean really wanted a water gun! We got three for less than a buck:) They are only to be used in the tub and not to be shot in the face, and NOT to be shot outside of the tub! If these rules are not obeyed the guns will be history! So far they have been pretty good with them. Eleanor calls them "Water Shoots". Chris has fun playing with them too:)

Yesterday while Sean was at preschool, the girls had their well child check ups. We got in fairly quick and they both did so well! Eleanor is right on track in height and weight and she was quite the little charmer:) Chloe seems to take after Sean and was long and lean. Above average in height and below average in weight. Our Dr. got a kick out of Eleanor. When he asked who wanted to go first, she said, "The Baby!" before anyone could even blink! He said, "OK, what's the baby's name?", to which she responded, "The Baby"! I don't know why she didn't say Chloe, but it was funny. Maybe you had to have been there, but for the rest of the visit Chloe was referred to as "The Baby" hahaha:) They both had to have a finger prick and Chloe went first for that as well. She cried a little, but I think mostly because she didn't like her hand to be held tight. Eleanor didn't even wince. She even smiled and said thank you! For being such good little girls they both got a bendy martian toy!