Friday, August 07, 2009

Yesterday after supper

Chloe fell asleep in her highchair,

Chris did the dishes,

and the rest of us enjoyed some yummy triple chocolate chip muffins!


  1. Ummm! "chlocate" muffins!
    Way to go Chris!
    Cute Chlo-bear!
    Dad says, "She likes to experiment with her backgrounds!" (He's so perceptive!)

  2. Those muffins look delicious!
    That was nice of Chris to do the dishes for you.
    Tired little Chloe.

  3. Look out Eleanor - I've been craving chocolate all day and that looks wonderfulicious!

  4. Those muffins look SO good! I've been on a chocolate craving for like, it seems forever lately!

  5. Good job Chris! Good job eating those muffins guys! Hard work but someones got to do it! Is it me or is Chloe making falling asleep sitting in a highchair or walker a habit???

  6. I know, I really had to force myself to eat a chocolate muffin, that was really hard work!

    Yes, Chloe does seem to fall asleep in places that don't seem all too comfortable to me, but whatever! She has a nice bed if she just liked to use it! Crazy baby always wanting to be were the action is!