Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There's no use crying carpet stains?

My sweet little two year old Eleanor got a red permanent marker off the desk in my room today. Chris was getting ready for work and I was on the phone with my mom at the time, I believe it was about 8 minutes, but it only takes a minute for those little blessings to be out of eyesight! Anyway, she colored on the carpet in my room and on Chloe and a little on herself. I think Sean tried to spank her because she came crying to me. The first thing I saw was red on her top lip. I thought she'd cut herself and was bleeding! Sean set me straight and showed me just exactly what had happened. I wish I would've gotten a before picture of the carpet. All I can say is it was RED! There were two lines that were probably at least a foot and a half in length.

The guilty one
After the mess was cleaned up


  1. Eleanor And The Red Marker!
    What WAS she thinkin?!
    Yes, good jod for remaining calm.
    Ya just gotta "mop the milk" and "eradicate the red" and try not to panic, right!

  2. you are such a better mom than i am, i need to take lessons from you on being patient, i am so ashamed i would have probably yelled.way to go mom, you are one of the best moms i have ever known.!(HUGS)

  3. I agree with MissKiki. I would definitely have yelled and told the culprit in a not-so-friendly voice to get on their bed and wait for their spanking! Wow! Way to go in the calm department for sure. I know you dealt with Eleanor, but you probably did it more calmly than I would've.