Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reminding myself that it wasn't such a terrible week!

This week has been a bit stressful with Chris back to the College full time and still carrying a heavy workload at the grocery store, but also because for some reason Sean and Eleanor have been testing me to about my limit! They have not napped for three days, even that wouldn't have been so bad, but they get too whiny when they don't get enough sleep and then I get headaches because I am not getting enough rest either. Then coupled with their sneaky naughtiness I think I might lose my head! There have been various clothes and toys in the toilet, thankfully I got them out before they flushed! They have been being mean to each other and Eleanor has been getting books and bending and tearing them. All of the things that they have been doing are things that they know are wrong, and they were all things that happened while I was in the bathroom or taking care of Chloe. It is not like I was on the phone or on the computer or just not paying attention to them! Not only that, but I would discipline/punish them and then they would go right back and do the same things again and laugh about it!

Anyway, all that being said, it was not a horrible week! I do love my children dearly and I love taking them to the park and playing with them and taking care of them and making sure that they have everything they need. We like to read books before bed and dance and be silly. I just don't know why some days and weeks can be so long and agonizing and others go so smooth you almost fool yourself into thinking that they really are perfect little saints! Maybe that's why we have bad days to shake us back into reality and to remind us to stand firm and keep consistent.

Here are some highlights of the week, or at least today! Just to prove that it wasn't all bad.

On our walk at the park this evening Sean found some pretty little purple flowers and picked some for Eleanor and himself.

We enjoyed the fountain and lights. It occurred to me while we were there that in just a few short months this fountain just may be filled with snow and ice! Then I realize that my babies are growing too fast I need to cherish these moments!

We also saw Luna (the moon) up in the sky!

I loved the way the light shined through the tree leaves and Sean asked if I was going to take a picture of it. He knows his mama so well! I love taking pictures!

This airplane was green and looked so pretty against the pinkish purplish sky


  1. (HUGS) i know exactly how you feel! and i think you are right, we all have weeks like that to teach us to stand our ground and be consistant.but also i want to tell you i think you are doing a great job with them little ones , u are a good mom and a patient one.i hope this coming week is less stressful for you

  2. I agree with MissKiki. It's harder for me to makes lemonade out of my lemony days/weeks. You do such a good job with that. And, those little kidlets are so cute, even though they've been naughty! I sure do hope they nap for you this coming week.

    Beautiful pictures, Liv.

  3. Love ya Liv!
    And I'm praying for you and these lovin "turkey monkey" love bugs!

  4. Oh do I ever know about those weeks! By the way, we had a toilet replaced due to "something prob. plastic" being flushed down and stuck:) Your a great mom Liv and you seem to really have the greater picture in mind more than me.