Saturday, August 22, 2009

A park outing

We've been taking our much needed walks at the park again. We got a little lazy for a while, but now I am trying to get back into it. I know I need it and the kids do too. I usually try to make them take turns riding in the stroller and walking beside me. If we go to the other park Sean will ride his bike and Eleanor will ride in the stroller or walk depending on how she feels. Her legs are so small she has such a hard time keeping up, even when I feel like I am walking snail speed!  On this particular outing Sean and Eleanor both pooped out on me on the last leg of the walk. We were so close to the car, but they were both ready to have a hissy fit! I tried to talk Sean into holding Chloe in the back seat of the stroller so Eleanor could sit in the front seat and everyone would be happy and not have to walk (except me of course who would be pushing approximately 75? pounds of child, not to mention the stroller also weighs about 20 pounds!), but he would not have it! He said her hair would get in his face, which I am sure is true and I know how tickly that can be. After some "discussion" Eleanor finally chimed in and said she wanted to sit in the basket underneath! I decided to just go with it, so I said OK let's just do it so we can get home! I am not planning on making a habit of this because quite frankly it is a LOT of heavy pushing to do with a double stroller and I doubt the basket is meant to hold quite so much. Anyway, the funny thing to me about this picture is that Eleanor is the happiest looking child and she is probably the least comfortable all scrunched up under there!


  1. Oh Eleanor! What a sport!
    Classic Sean... well classic tired Sean?
    (I hope he took a good nap!)
    Chloe looks almost done!
    I'm so glad you thought to take a picture, Liv! You're a good sport too!

  2. i think they look adorable! lol and i have that same monkey leash put up for rose, does your kids like it??

  3. Yes, I beleive they did take a good nap after that mom!

    My kids do like the monkey backpack. Usually they ask to wear it even if I don't mention it. I didn't like the idea at first, but it keeps them close and I don't have to worry so much about them running into the street or accidentally falling into the water at the park!

  4. I love the pic of the mommy and baby duck, how cute! We love to go to the park too! Maybe I need to invest in one of those monkey things, Maddy likes to get a little tooooooo close to the pond for my liking!

  5. That stroller picture cracks. me. up!! Sean is hilarious! Chloe looks a tad miffed too. Eleanor? Pleased as punch!

  6. Hey u pulled a Princess! I used to do that all the time! Its a great workout isnt it?!! Graco strollers are made to last! You can put two in the back,have one stand on the middle foot rest, one in front, and have one sit on the top! Works like a charm!