Sunday, July 05, 2009

Lazy day

I think that Chloe might be cutting some teeth ~fingers crossed~ She has been very fussy lately and chewing on anything that she can get in her mouth. This afternoon I was feeding her some Cheerios and rocking her since that was the only thing making her happy. Anyway, I was getting ready to put another Cheerio in her mouth, but when I looked down she was asleep! Chris was/is at work, so when Sean got up from his nap a few minutes later I asked him to take a picture of us.
Then I took a picture of him. He loves his new Diego shirt from Great Grandad and Grandma Bubbles!


  1. you have the most precious family. i love seeing all these sweet updates and pictures.

  2. Mr. Photagrapher!
    Chloe is going to get that tooth before you know it! (Well, maybe you'll know it alright!)