Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just too tired

At naptime this afternoon Chloe was fussy and nothing seemed to make her happy so I finally put her in the highchair and gave her a DQ french fry (Chris had gone out earlier to get me some chocolate ice cream and fries to dip in it). Well, she sucked and chewed on it for a while and the next thing I new she was asleep and still holding on to what was left of the fry! The funny part is that when she awoke a few minutes later she went right back to eating the fry as if nothing had ever happened!
By the way, she also had pears and squash before that, so don't be thinking that I feed my baby fried, greasy food all the time!


  1. Of course you feed her good stuff!
    Funny Chloe. She's a girl after my own heart! Wake up and go right back to eating! Ha!

  2. ok one question, are you pregnant again??lol, ice cream and fries lol, and chloe is adorable!

  3. LoL! Not that I know of! I have always loved dipping fries in my ice cream, so that is no new weird craving or anything!

  4. Hee to love those fries!