Monday, July 13, 2009

Crazy fun times with Tab, Princess, and all our kids!

Actually it was not as crazy as some of our times have been in the past. The kids did great and Tab kept us all on task and scheduled everything for us.

Faesal was not feeling well, but he did manage to smile nicely for a picture on the swing.

Princess and Rayon held Chloe for me to give my arms, shoulders, and neck a break. Rayon gave the baby a kiss!

We were so pleased at how well the kids all did for some group pictures! Chloe's Bumbo has been such a help!

It really didn't seem like there were that many of us until I looked back at these pictures. Wow! 10 kids, plus three moms!

After pictures we had a picnic. I was amazed how smoothly that went too! Everyone was happy and ate fairly well before we went back to playing in the playground.

When the pool opened at one, we went swimming. They have a very nice baby pool area and the kids did great! We were there long enough for everyone to get cooled off on such a hot humid day, but not so long that we got too worn out.

After the pool we went to the snow cone place for some sweet, cold and refreshing treats. I didn't get a chance for pictures there. We were all a little preoccupied by the bees that were also hoping to share our icy treats. Also, Eleanor spilled hers about two minutes after receiving it and then Chloe fell asleep in my arms. I was able to lay her down on a towel in the shade later and she slept there while we all finished our snow cones and took everyone to the potty.


  1. Fun stuff! And remeber the duck doesn't love, or realize the blessedness of a human life! God's favored humans!

  2. That was a fun day! And your right it was a fairly smooth day with little problems from the kids! Those bees were something else! Should have got a photo of Tab trying to rid them from the icee cup! Ha Ha!